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Lady Chatterley's Lover
D.H. Lawrence, Laura Bonds

Chapter 1: Lemme Just Catch Y'all Up

Connie and her sister have hippie parents and go to art school and get boyfriends and party hardy in college and the book is all into tellin you ab how the sisters are in contol of their boyfriends cuz boya are dumb babies haha... but it dont matter cuz WW1 breaks out and their bfs blow up. Hilda, Connie's sister marries a guy w a government job w them good benefits and is all smart and junk. Connie's all whatevs ima focus on my career (single gurl says whaaat?). Clifford is all aristocratic w land and junk and his dad is all super fancy and wants an heir, no lie like downton abbey, and his son to run the mines and tend the estate but clifford is like ugh this is lame, and his dad is like no but for real i want mah grandsons. Cliffs dad is also like super patriot and sends him to WW1 and cliffords like war sucks, I need a girlfriend. So him and connie they get married cuz what else they got goin on and he goes to war and gets blown up and in a wheelchair and his brother dies and bam, no heir.